Becca Garcia

alt Becca began dancing at age 3 and trained in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus in Great Britain and continued dancing at Creative Dance Arts in Tucson. She has earned numerous awards while intensively studying, performing, and competing in ballet, tap, and jazz. She has been affiliated with Creative Dance Arts since 1997.

Bringing more than a decade of teaching experience, a passion for education and a love of dance to the classroom, Becca seeks to foster children’s natural creative movement and excitement for dance within a classical technical framework.

Additionally, Becca studied at the University of Arizona and earned a Masters of Arts degree in Latin American History. She is the mother of two girls and works alongside her husband at the Javier Garcia American Family Insurance Agency.


“My daughter has danced at CDA for 5 years and she absolutely loves it.The teachers truly care about the kids and work hard to see them rise to their full potential.”