Barbara Schuessler

altBarbara Schuessler has been teaching for Creative Dance Arts since 1995 and offers instruction in flamenco dance, as well as, castanets. Barbara, "La Flamencista", began her dance training in Tucson with Tere Aguirre and continued with Patricia Mahan and Olivia Rojo. She traveled to Washington state to study with Teo Morca and that is when her pursuit of the flamenco art form truly blossomed. Her passion for flamenco has taken her to the Festival Flamenco in Albuquerque where she studied with many great masters of flamenco. Attending the festival regularly for over 15 years, she studied with masters like Antonio Canales and Yolanda Heredia.

Also, attending workshops by “La Tania” and Maria Benitez, she had the pleasure to study with many artists from Spain. She then traveled to Spain to study. Studying in Sevilla, her heart opened with the incredible instruction of dancers that include, but are not limited to, Belen Maya, Carmen de la Torre, Maria Angeles, and, most importantly, Georgia, “La Candela”. These are but a few of the people that she has studied with and feels fortunate to have been exposed to such artistic masters. She has performed with Aires Flamenco, Flamenco Y Mas and her own troupes. She continues to perform at festivals and private functions with “Las Flamencistas” and as a solo artist. But, teaching and sharing her passion for flamenco are what she truly enjoys and continues to pursue.


“My daughter has danced at CDA for 5 years and she absolutely loves it.The teachers truly care about the kids and work hard to see them rise to their full potential.”